Database & Data Engineers

We understand data is crucial in helping companies predict trends, identify opportunities, and stay a few paces in front of their competition through identifying actionable insights into consumer behaviour or market trends before they even happen. Adaptive Engineering is highly skilled in finding data and database specialists coming from a variety of industries, markets, and/or environments to be able to come in and make an immediate impact day one.

Database Administration/Engineering
Looking for someone who is a specialist with Oracle, SQL Server, Or any other Database to design, troubleshoot and maintain your DB, increase the storage, be the one to make changes, updates, and modifications to its structure, or anything else database related, our team is dedicated to finding and qualifying any kind of DBA, whether it be an expert with Oracle, SQL Server, or any other Database, we understand finding the right person is far from easy in this field.

Business Intelligence
We understand that the main purpose of BI is to facilitate better business decisions through data so that majority of a companies areas/departments can be successful. Our Technical Recruitment team knows how to find BI specialist who possess expert knowledge of databases, data acquisition, ETL strategies, design, development, and so on.

Data Analysis/Engineering
Between our Database and Technical recruitment team we are well equipped to find top quality Data Analysts/Engineers who are experienced in a variety skillsets such as, but not limited to, various Scripting/Coding languages, Data Warehousing, Data Pipelines, E2E data collection, dashboard creation, and a multitude Tools and Software.

Big Data Engineering
We understand that Big Data Engineering is a highly sought after skillset in todays Tech climate, however we also understand finding the right person can be a pain. Our Technical Recruiters know how to source, qualify, and deliver Big Data experts with a variety of skillsets including but not limited to: Development, Data Lakes, Hadoop Ecosystems, Schemas, raw data processing, MDM, along with a plethora of other skillsets and backgrounds.