Management & C-Suite

​We understand that good leadership in any business is crucial for that business to thrive and this especially holds true in IT. Whether you are looking for a C-Suit or Executive level person or persons to oversee the entire Technology landscape and/or keep you up to date on new and emerging technologies, you are looking for individuals to lead a singular team or cross functional teams to ensure productivity and success down the line, our team of technical recruiters are highly experienced in finding highly qualified and highly experience IT professionals to ensure that software, products, services etc... no matter what "division" of the IT Industry they fall under.

Our team of recruiters are experienced in sourcing and placing highly skilled Technical Director level candidates coming from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets. Whether it is Director of Product, Development, QA, or anything IT related, our team knows how to qualify to ensure that the best candidates are being presented.

Adaptive Engineering is experienced in finding highly qualified VP level people to make an immediate impact from the start, to help oversee the technology initiatives such as proposing and taking point in implementing new and emerging technologies and software. No matter the type VP you are looking for in the IT Industry our team are expert at finding executive level individuals coming from various industries and environments.

Whether you are looking for a top technical executive to to integrate business needs and/or requirements into IT operations to improve product offerings, or analyse how various technologies benefits the company then integrate a system to realize that benefit. Our Engineering recruitment team knows how to search and place C-Suit IT professionals no matter a companies current tech environment.

Technical Manager
We understand that having a highly skilled and knowledgeable manager to oversee a specific department or multiple departments activities, while providing expert training and ability to work with cross functional teams and stakeholders is crucial in technology. Our technical recruitment team are experienced in sourcing highly skilled and experienced manager level candidates in multiple facets of IT, coming from various environments and backgrounds.