QA Engineers

We understand that software must go through rigorous testing before it can be deployed. Our team of dedicated technical recruiters are experts in finding top tier QA professionals who fully understand how to monitor the entire software development process. We are experienced in delivering top tier professionals with hands on experience with the new and emerging tools or the tried-and-true ones, fully understand the different phases of testing, excellent at communicating with various stakeholders and teams, understand the importance of documentation, and who can put themselves in the mindset of the client.

Looking for a QA who specializes in Manual Testing? Our team has a successful track record of finding manual QA professionals specializing in all phases of testing such Acceptance, Black Box, Integration, System, Unit, White Box etc... who fully understand SDLC, documentation, and working with cross-functional teams in a variety of methodologies.

We have a dedicated team of search specialist to find and attract highly skilled QA automation engineers who specialize in building/designing frameworks, developing well structured test plans/cases, and implementing the strategies who are skilled with the various automated testing tools who come from a variety of environments working within various methodologies.

Looking for someone who can be active in the complete Software Development Process? We have a team of experienced technical recruiters to find and place professionals with hands on coding and testing experience who can build, deploy, manage, and run any type of application coming from a variety of environments.

Our technical recruitment team are experts at finding experienced QA professionals who fully understand the methodology behind QA, can lead multiple projects and/or teams, provide excellent mentorship to new employees or entry level people, fully understand the various testing phases, communicates and provides expert documentation, and able to ensure that software/products are functioning properly and efficiently.