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We understand that Software engineering is important in any company. Whether you have a need for a Full stack, Front end heavy, backend heavy, or niche developers. We have a dedicated team of Technical recruiters who understand various technical stacks and languages to deliver top tier Software engineers for any application or platform.

Looking for a Full Stack developer? Whether you have a need for a Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, or Typescript full stack developers our team has expertise in searching for candidates in various technical stacks.

If you are needing a front-end specialist, we have a dedicated team to recruit for any language from Javascript to React developers to UI/UX designers and beyond.

Our team are experts in finding candidates who specialize in a variety of backend heavy stacks in any language. With our network of candidates dealing with a variety of languages and frameworks with emphasis on backend heavy development, Adaptive Engineering can expedite your search for the right talent.

We understand that sometimes the need arises for a "Niche" specialist developer. Whether you need a developer who's skilled in Salesforce, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, Mainframe, Quantitative, CRM, BI etc.. our team is well adjusted to the new and emerging technologies as well as the older less used ones in the IT industry.


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Senior QA/Dev Tester (Czech Republic, Brno)

Czech Republic
Senior QA/Dev Tester (Czech Republic, Brno) Czech gaming studio is seeking a new colleague to help build and release a new realistic hardcore FPS for PC. YOUR MISSION: Planning, coordinating, and executing testing activities Taking the lead in the QA process Designing, developinqg, and maintaining test cases and test plans Conducting extensive functional testing, identifying and reporting defects and gameplay issues Testing for compatibility problems across various PC hardware and software configurations Accurately identifying, documenting, and reporting defects using bug-tracking systems Working closely with the development team, providing clear and actionable feedback Guiding and mentoring junior members of the QA team, supporting their growth and development. YOUR PROFILE Experienced in testing PC games (essential). Strongly devoted to the world of gaming. Extensively experienced in all aspects of the QA testing lifecycle. Proficient in using QA tools and bug-tracking systems. Very high standard of communication skills and teamwork. Strong critical thinking and analytical abilities. Expertise in test automation frameworks and test scripts is a plus YOUR REWARD Vibrant and inspiring environment among a team of game enthusiasts - you can work with the top people from the gaming industry in the Czech Republic. A modern gaming office - It is a serious job, but there is always time and space for relaxing and socializing in the Relax room with PS4. Opportunity to bring your own ideas into the games Competitive salary, bonus and benefits Relocation Package for foreigners Company events and sports enthusiasts (private gym) Sabbatical leave after 7 years working for the company Did I catch your interest? Then send me your CV: #LI-MK1

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27. 07. 2022

Video Interview Preparation - Tips & Tricks

​As businesses across the globe are forced to transition to a remote and digital workforce, so are interviews.  Zoom, Skype, Teams and other video conferencing tools are becoming today’s interviewing norm. The truth is, whether you’re an interview guru or just jumping back into the job market, technical issues and unexpected trip-ups are now more possible than ever before.  So be prepared. Put yourself in the best situation to ensure you crush your video interview.Below are a handful of tips and tricks gathered from recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and industry professionals to put you in the best position possible:​PREPARE YOUR TECHNOLOGYIn an ideal, even typical situation, you would be sitting across the table from your recruiter or hiring manager.  However, with today’s circumstances, video conferencing is the next best thing.  With this, comes different video platforms; you should check to see if you need to create an account, download an app, or insert a password.  Additionally, be sure to test your connection prior to the interview.  You don’t want your first impression to be that you were late because you couldn’t figure out the platform.​Test your camera and mic– nothing else can start an interview on the wrong foot, than a webcam or mic malfunction.  You don’t want to be the “Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?” interviewee.​This one seems simple, but is commonly one that is forgotten…charge your device!  Whether you are taking the interview on your phone or computer, be sure you are sufficiently charged or if possible, plug into a power source.​DRESS THE PARTYou should stilldress to impress!  This helps to not only boost confidence, but will also leave a strong first impression.  Plan to wear the same clothes you’d wear if you were meeting in-person…yes this includes pants.  We have all heard the jokes about taking video calls in your underwear, but don’t let that be you.  Most likely, the interviewer(s) will only see your face and shoulders, but you should be prepared.​BODY LANGUAGE AND SPEECHVideo interviews can be uncomfortable and seem unnatural, but do your best to be yourself and get your personality across.  Be mindful of your posture, remember to nod and be engaged, try not to fidget, and don’t forget to smile!  Gesture with your hands as you normally would and don’t feel restricted or stiff just because you are talking to a computer screen.​Do your best to speak clearly and deliberately.  Issues with internet and connection can occur and this can cause delays or sound quality issues.  So be adaptable and do your best to ensure your audience is understanding you.  Try pausing momentarily before responding, as there can be a delay and cause you to talk over one another.​Eye contact.  This one can be a bit more challenging depending on your computer/webcam set up, how many interviewers are on the call or how the platform displays the video.  Your impulse is typically to look at the face on the screen or be distracted by yourself. ​A few helpful tips:Look at the camera as much as you can (this will give the appearance of making eye contact)Place a sticky note over yourself on your screen as to not be distractedPosition your camera at eye-level for the most flattering and straight forward anglePractice! (remember it doesn’t come natural to look at the camera rather than the people on the screen)​BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR ENVIRONMENTBeware of any potential distractions such as family, friends or pets. Try to ensure you have privacy and won’t be interrupted or distracted.Turn your camera on before your interview and evaluate your background and lighting.  Have a professional, clean and clutter-free background within the frame. And don’t forget to check your lighting, no one wants to join an interview and realize you are so backlit, it looks like you’re taking the call from a dungeon.​If the lighting isn’t favorable:Try facing a window to get natural lightSet up a light or two behind the screen to brighten yourself and backgroundIncrease the brightness on your screen to add some illumination to your face​BE ADAPTABLEIt’s important to remember that technical issues or distractions can and do happen, even if you prepare.  Things can take place on your end or the interviewers, they are in the same situation as you and working to do what they can to give you the best interview experience. Be patient and be understanding.​DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW UPThis will always be a best practice for any type of interview.  Remember to leave a strong impression and send a thank you note to the interviewer(s)