Geraldine Persand

Geraldine Persand

Global HR and Training Director

About Me

Gery is our Global HR & Training Director and no two days are ever the same. With over a decade of experience in the space, Gery brings a vast experience to the business wearing multiple hats.

Gery demonstrates a profound understanding of the critical link between human capital and organizational success. She is recognized for developing and executing innovative HR strategies that align with business objectives, enhance employee engagement, and drive sustainable growth. Gery excels in building high-performance cultures, fostering diversity and inclusion, and optimizing talent management practices. She's adept at navigating complex organizational challenges, leveraging data-driven insights, and collaborating with senior leadership to achieve excellence in human resources.

Gery enjoys nothing more than helping people to learn, develop, grow and achieve their goals, and helping the business to achieve growth.

She is the human embodiment of 'Investing In People'

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