Electrical Engineer

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    Systems & Support Engineers

  • Salary:

    $80,000 to $100,000 plus bonus plan

  • Contact:

    Tom Newman

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This job is located in Blythewood, SC and is onsite fulltime 


Engineering in Electrical Bachelor's degree

3-5 years of relevant experience

25%) with a significant amount of computer work and little exposure to health or safety risks

For the purpose of using a computer keyboard and other office equipment, considerable hand, arm, and finger dexterity is required.

This job involves working in production environments, thus wearing personal protective equipment including safety shoes, side-shielded safety glasses, and hearing protection is necessary.


technical help in the field of electrical engineering is planned, directed, and coordinated.

Testing and modifying operational or developing electrical machinery, electrical control equipment, and circuitry using electrical theory and associated information

Identifies, regulates, and maintains the plant's whole inventory of electrical spare parts, both new and old.

constructs and evaluates experimental solenoids, switch panels, transformers, generator windings, and other electrical components.

under the leadership of the Engineering Area Manager, modifies electrical components, programming, and logic to increase production rates, quality, efficiency, and safety.

identifies the root cause of an operational equipment malfunction or failure and performs preventative and corrective maintenance on related machines or devices.

keeps an eye on the plant's overall electrical consumption and strives to reduce costs and utilization for both current and future equipment.

Link devices to a network to track and gather data while working with the IT department.

upkeep of systems for data collection and visualization

Verifies that all machinery, electrical panels, transformers, and generators are in good working order and meet OSHA requirements.

reduces unplanned production downtime by working with the preventative maintenance system to recognize potential failure or malfunction of electrical components.

Will play a crucial role in the maintenance department's training and team-building exercises.

For system or equipment modifications or expansion, creates wiring diagrams, layout drawings, and engineering specifications, and directs staff members executing normal installation and maintenance tasks.

maintains and oversees annual plant-wide backups of machine parameters, CNC parameters, and programmable logic controllers

under the direction of the Engineering Area Manager, modifies electrical prototypes to address functional deviations.

Plans, directs, and keeps track of frequent electrical testing, and suggests or starts equipment replacement or modification when it doesn't function properly.

Support the plant's efforts to implement the 5-S, Kaizen Team, TS16949, and ISO14000 systems.

additional tasks as assigned

There are no managerial obligations for this post.

The majority of the work is done in a factory environment.